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Karst Goodstm


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Make plans that are truly set in stone.

Karst product graphite on stone


Premium luxury planners made from stone paper.

Made from sustainably recycled stone, and without any bleaches or acids, Karst Stone Paper™ is rebuilt from first principles to be better than wood-pulp paper: more durable, more sustainable, and infinitely smoother to write, scribble, doodle or draw on. If there’s a better way to make paper, we haven’t found it. And if we do, we’ll be sure to let you know.


No dates, full freedom.

Best seller in the Plan Collection. Start your planning journey whenever you please, and fill in the dates as you go along. Each page of the Undated Planner features inspiring quotes, serving as daily reminders to keep you motivated and focused. Made as always, from our signature waterproof stone paper, which means your eureka moments won’t be ruined by your morning coffee. And the rain won’t steal your thunder.

Karst Stone Paper

Everything you need to shape tomorrow. And nothing you don't.

The truth is the great, world-shaping ideas come from everywhere. From anyone. At any time. We can’t tell you what these ideas will be. We don’t know how they’ll take shape. But we can help make sure that when you are lucky enough to be inspired, you have the tools needed to see your ideas through.